Hi. How are you?

I'm Jonathan. I believe the camera is a tool that can shake the foundations of power. I focus the lens on people building a better world. Passionate about telling stories of risk takers and their fight, I believe in the strength of the collective.

As an alum of UW-Madison in Political Science and doc|UW-Milwaukee, I am privileged to be a documentarian and video-journalist. I've worked in DC, NYC, Standing Rock, and Milwaukee with some inspiring organizations. Currently, my film team and I are in post-production on our first feature documentary - The Sacred and The Snake.

In my free time, I visit the fam, bike the city, play baseball with my niece and nephew, shoot hoops, dance poorly, and watch historically bad/bonkers movies - aka masterpieces.





Liminal Films

C0-Director/DP/Assistant Editor

The Sacred & The Snake (a feature documentary in post-production)


Co-Senior Producer/DP/Editor

The Laura Flanders Show, NYC - winner of Indie-Media award


AJ+, Fusion, The Guardian, The Center for Investigative Reporting,

Investigative Reporting Productions, Reveal, Voces de la Frontera,

FreeRedFawn, Voice of America - Storyhunter's "Best Untold Story of 2016"

for work with Fusion at Standing Rock.

Production Coordinator / Archivist

The Kennedy Center Honors Films, DC - Emmy winning



Al Jazeera English's Fault Lines, DC - Emmy winning

Wedding Videographer

I've done two weddings for friends, early on in my experience


doc|UWM, Milwaukee

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bachelor of Arts

Political Science and a Certificate in Integrated Liberal Studies

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

a few film classes, much learning and working

Thank you old friends. Come up to Milwaukee, especially for the DNC - let's see what you got on the bball court and go swimming. The world is messed up. "I'm exhausted, you're exhausted, we're all exhausted, but we have the power to fight back and we continue to and we will" - Rami Malek


The Sacred & The Snake

the film I'm working on


and the people who fed me and gave me a place to sleep.


Films and Pieces

Voces de la Frontera - Resistance to Trump's Wisconsin Visit Director/DP/Editor - 2018

Line 3 Shut Down - Camp Makwa - Director/DP/Editor - 2018

Words from Red FawnCo-Director/DP/Editor - 2017

The Women leading the resistance at Standing Rock Report Assault by Law Enforcement - Camera - 2016

RISE with Standing Rock - Director/DP/Editor - 2016

Standing Rock Special: Part 1Director/DP/Assistant Editor - 2016

The People's Revolution at the DNC - Director/DP/Editor - 2016

Divestment Victory at Columbia University - Director/DP/Editor - 2016

Damayan Cleaning Cooperative - Director/DP/Editor - 2016

Mining and Resistance in Dinétah - DP/Editor - 2016

Baltimore - a Moment to a Movement - DP - 2015

Recovery or Removal - New Orleans 10 years Later - 2nd Camera - 2015

Kennedy Center Honors Films - 10 doc shorts Archivist/Production Coordinator - 2013 and 2014

Fault Lines Docs - 5 pieces - Production Assistant / Intern / Gear Check - 2013

LGBTQ Resource Center, Women's Resource Center, Student Life at UWM - Director/DP/Editor - 2012

FLOW Director/DP/Editor - 2011


Objective:  Record, mix, and design sound to create a sense of movement from different complex soundscapes. 

Milwaukee. 2011.